Water Heater Repair in Oregon City

Are you having trouble with your water heater? Are you wondering what the best way is to troubleshoot an inconsistent or failing water heater in your home? Is it time to replace an old water heater? If any of this sounds familiar to you, it is probably time to contact an experienced plumber in the Eugene, Salem, or Portland areas in order to get a water heater inspection and start to explore your options for repairs or replacement. 

Read more below to learn about a variety of different issues that you may experience with your water heater, as well as a variety of ways that we can help you get the consistent hot water that you need, some tips on energy efficiency, and signs of when it might be time to replace your old heater with a new, more efficient option such as a tankless hot water heater. Regardless of your hot water heater needs, the team at United Plumbing is ready and willing to help as soon as possible and will be happy to work with you to stay within your budget and to achieve your goal seamlessly.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Hot Water Heater?

One of the most common questions that we get when we are speaking with potential customers about their hot water heater is whether or not they should be planning to repair or replace the unit. We will be able to walk through a series of questions in order to determine the most appropriate course of action given your circumstances such as your budget, the age and condition of your water heater, and more.

If your hot water heater is older, it may make the most sense to replace instead of repair. In these cases, there are many different options such as tankless hot water heaters, high-efficiency tanks, high-capacity tanks, and many other things that we will be able to discuss. It is important to us that our customers get the best service that they need to ensure that they are left with reliable hot water and an enjoyable experience with the team at United Plumbing. 

When To Repair a Hot Water Heater

Is your hot water heater less than 10 years old? Does the tank itself appear to be in good condition, free of any discoloration, rust, or bubbling? Is it still under warranty? If you are able to answer “yes” to these questions (among others that we will discuss with you) then it is likely that repairing the hot water tank is your best option. Although technology has advanced in the past 10 years that cuts down on energy consumption, heating time, and storage problems, it is still not financially worth replacing a hot water heater simply for the fact that there are newer options available. 

We want to be certain that our customers get the most for their money, and if we believe that repairing a tank is the appropriate course of action to give you what you need, then we will never push you towards getting a new tank or overspending on materials. Your satisfaction is, and always will be, our top priority.

When To Replace a Hot Water Heater

Is your hot water heater older than 10 years, with an expired warranty? Have you made any prior repairs to it before contacting United Plumbers? Are there any visible issues with the tank or your hot water, such as rust-colored water, bubbling or discoloration around the tank, or noticeable leaks? In these instances, we may determine that replacing the faulty part on the tank will only be a temporary solution, and is only putting off the inevitable need to replace the tank by a short amount of time. 

Replacing your tank will ensure that you have a high-quality installation by a licensed Oregon plumber from United Plumbers, an energy-efficient delivery system, and a considerable warranty to protect you from any unforeseen issues in the future. While it is always in your best interest to consider all options, replacing your tank may be the soundest financial decision—even if it costs more money in the short-term. 

We understand that this decision is important both for your financial concerns as well as ensuring that your home and fixtures are reliable for you and your family. That is why we will go through all of the available options with you in order to ensure that you get exactly what you need. When you need work done to your water heater in Oregon, we want you to be confident in the decision to work with the team at United Plumbing.

Options For Hot Water Heaters

If you do decide to replace your hot water heater, you may be surprised to see how far hot water heater technology has come since you last purchased one. We have listed a few of the more common options below, but we will work with you directly through your project to ensure that you get the right unit for your needs.

Storage Tank Water Heater

When you think of a hot water heater, this is probably what comes to mind. Your available options for this selection are primarily the power source of the unit (electric or gas in many cases) and the storage capacity. If you run into problems with running out of hot water, then you may be using an undersized tank for your needs.

Tankless Hot Water Heater

This type of system provides on-demand hot water, meaning that you are not storing and reheating water in a tank and that you will conceivably not need to worry about running out of available hot water. The things that you will need to consider with this type of unit include the heating capacity, which will ensure that you are able to have hot water delivered to all fixtures simultaneously without any issues.

Solar Hot Water Heater

This is an interesting option for those homeowners who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and hopefully, save on some heating costs at the same time. This system passively heats water through a series of solar panels and heating elements, but it will require an alternate heating source for cloudy days or night time. This option is better suited for warmer climates, so choosing this type of hot water heater in Salem might give you limited benefits.

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